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Coleman Lake MS01152 Dam
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Privately owned

Coleman Lake MS01152 Dam is an earth dam located in Mississippi. It was built for the purpose of recreation.

The dam is privately owned.

Coleman Lake MS01152 Dam
Mississippi, U.S.
Dam type
Dam type
Foundation type
Core type
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Coleman Lake MS01152 Dam is privately owned.

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Dam height 14 feet
Max storage 119 acre feet
14 feet
Dam height

Height of the dam is defined as the vertical distance between the lowest point on the crest of the dam and the lowest point in the original streambed.

119 acre feet
Max storage

Maximum storage is defined as the total storage space in a reservoir below the maximum attainable water surface elevation, including any surcharge storage.

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Downstream potential hazard

Dams assigned the low hazard potential classification are those where failure or misoperation results in no probable loss of human life and low economic and/or environ-mental losses. Losses are principally limited to the owner’s property.

Not required
Emergency action plan

An emergency action plan is defined as a plan of action to be taken to reduce the potential for property damage and loss of life in an area affected by a dam failure or large flood.

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Latitude 33
Longitude -88
NID ID (National ID) MS01152

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