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Flaherty Park Upper Dam
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North Carolina

Flaherty Park Upper Dam is an earth dam built on the Trib TO Smith Creek River and is located in North Carolina. It was built for the purpose of recreation.

Flaherty Park Upper Dam
North Carolina, U.S.
Dam type
Dam type
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Downstream potential hazard

Dams assigned the significant hazard potential classification are those dams where failure or mis-operation results in no probable loss of human life but can cause economic loss, environment damage, disruption of lifeline facilities, or impact other concerns. Significant hazard potential classification dams are often located in predominantly rural or agricultural areas but could be located in areas with population and significant infrastructure.

No emergency action plan
Emergency action plan

An emergency action plan is defined as a plan of action to be taken to reduce the potential for property damage and loss of life in an area affected by a dam failure or large flood.

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Latitude 35
Longitude -78
NID ID (National ID) NC06169

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