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Stonegate Dam
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Turners Station, Missouri
Privately owned
Built in 1999

Stonegate Dam is an earth dam located in Turners Station, Missouri. It was built in 1999 and modified in 2001 .

The dam is privately owned. It is also known as Stonegate Dam.

Stonegate Dam
Turners Station, Missouri, U.S.
Dam type
Dam type
Foundation type
Core type
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Stonegate Dam is privately owned.

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Dam length 250 feet
Dam height 45 feet
Structural height 51 feet
Hydraulic height 40 feet
Max discharge 100 cubic feet per second
Max storage 39 acre feet
Normal storage 26 acre feet
Surface area 2 acres
Drainage area 30 square miles
250 feet
Dam length

Length of the dam is defined as the length along the top of the dam. This also includes the spillway, powerplant, navigation lock, fish pass, etc., where these form part of the length of the dam. If detached from the dam, these structures should not be included.

45 feet
Dam height

Height of the dam is defined as the vertical distance between the lowest point on the crest of the dam and the lowest point in the original streambed.

51 feet
Structural height

Structural height of the dam is defined as the vertical distance from the lowest point of the excavated foundation to the top of the dam. Top of dam refers to the parapet wall and not the crest.

40 feet
Hydraulic height

Hydraulic height of the dam is defined as the vertical difference between the maximum design water level and the lowest point in the original streambed.

100 cubic feet per second
Max discharge

Number of cubic feet per second the spillway is capable of discharging when the reservoir is at its maximum designed water surface elevation.

39 acre feet
Max storage

Maximum storage is defined as the total storage space in a reservoir below the maximum attainable water surface elevation, including any surcharge storage.

26 acre feet
Normal storage

Normal storage is defined as the total storage space in a reservoir below the normal retention level, including dead and inactive storage and excluding any flood control or surcharge storage. For normally dry flood control dams, the normal storage will be a zero value.

2 acres
Surface area

Surface area, in acres, of the impoundment at its normal retention level.

30 square miles
Drainage area

Drainage area of the dam, in square miles, which is defined as the area that drains to a particular point (in this case, the dam) on a river or stream.

Safety Share
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Downstream potential hazard

Dams assigned the significant hazard potential classification are those dams where failure or mis-operation results in no probable loss of human life but can cause economic loss, environment damage, disruption of lifeline facilities, or impact other concerns. Significant hazard potential classification dams are often located in predominantly rural or agricultural areas but could be located in areas with population and significant infrastructure.

No emergency action plan
Emergency action plan

An emergency action plan is defined as a plan of action to be taken to reduce the potential for property damage and loss of life in an area affected by a dam failure or large flood.

Most recent inspection date

Inspections are every 5 years.

About Share
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Also known as Stonegate Dam
Latitude 37
Longitude -93
NID ID (National ID) MO20808

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